In today’s day and age, we rely heavily on technology. We use our phones to communicate with other people, our televisions to entertain ourselves, and our computers and laptops to finish work with ease in work and even at home. But what happens when technology backfires and we suddenly cannot use our laptops and computers?

Dural is a semi-rural suburb 36 km. away from the Sydney Central Business District, and while it is may seem near, nothing is near enough when you have a very busy schedule and important deadlines to accomplish. It’s not every day that we have time for leisure and relaxation. It is not every day that we can go out of our busy schedule whenever we want to have something fixed in our homes, gadgets, and other devices.

24/7 quality computer repairs in Dural

What do you do when you suddenly spill liquid all over your keyboard while working for non-stop? Who do you turn to at 3am when your computer suddenly starts hanging? You can’t call most computer repair companies because it’s already beyond working hours, and you certainly can’t wake up your neighbour or friend to help you.

If you are scared of this happening to you, fear no more! Computer Repairs Network is the ultimate solution for your computer and laptop problems.

What can Computer Repairs Network offer?

Computer Repairs Network is a dependable company formed together by the best computer repairmen in Sydney. We are not just equipped with the right knowledge and skill to help you get the job done – we also offer our genuine concern for our customers.

Here in Computer Repairs Network, we know how busy you are. We know that you can sometimes experience sleepless nights and stressful days when your PC or laptop crashes. We do our part by making ourselves available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Holidays? No problem! Computer Repairs Network is always open to welcome any computer concerns, problems or inquiries. Services we offer include:

  • iMac repairs
  • Computer repairs
  • Laptop repairs
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Wireless and computer networking
  • Computer sales
  • Virus protection and security
  • Computer training
  • Remote support

Our 30-day money back guarantee ensures only high quality work gets paid. Get to know more about our services by calling (02) 9644 4100 or emailing