We at The Laptop & Monitor Hospital values our customers and their trust, which is why we have created this privacy policy to assure you, our customers, of our firm commitment to ensure that the information you provide us whenever you do business with us remains private.

This is also in compliance with the Privacy Act 1988, an Act requiring entities bound by the Australian Privacy Principles to have a privacy policy that clearly outlines how each entity collects and handles personal information provided by its customers. This policy is written in a simplified manner to help you understand it better. Our specific obligation when collecting and handling your personal information are stated in the Privacy Act 1988, particularly the section on Australian Privacy Principles.

This policy that you are reading now explains in detail how we use your information and who we share your information with, as well as the measures we take to ensure that your information stays secure. We shall also explain how you can have access to your information, as well as how to update and correct it, and how you can file a complaint in case your information gets misused.

Here are the answers to some of the most important questions you may have regarding our privacy policy:

Why do you need to collect information from us?

There are some information we need from you to enable us to provide you with top notch IT repair and support services for your computers and laptops. Rest assured that we will only collect the information relevant to the specific services that you have hired us to render. We will never collect information that we do not need.

We collect relevant information to applicants and individual contractors seeking employment to help us assess whether they are qualified for the positions they are applying for. Similarly, we also collect information from employees or contractors for relevant purposes during the duration of their engagement with The Laptop & Monitor Hospital

What kind of information do you collect and store?

The personal information that we may ask from you and subsequently store depends on the reason why you contacted us, as well as on the services and products you intend to order and subscribe to, including your name and contact details, as well as your physical and email addresses and your telephone numbers, your ABN, your bank account and credit card details, your employment history and other employment-related information if you are applying for a job with us (which, we understand, may contain sensitive information), and other information you may provide us with when we conduct surveys or if we request you to answer questionnaires.

How do you collect our information?

There are several ways to collect your information. One method is through direct collection, wherein we may ask you to fill out an electronic form on our website, or manually fill out a form on our website. We may also obtain information when you sign up to our newsletter, enter a contest we are running, apply for a job with us, or complete a survey.

A number of our customers also engage with us through our social media channels, so we may collect information when you interact with us through those sites. Similarly, we collect your email address, as well as other relevant contact details when you subscribe to our email lists. Please bear in mind that we will only use this information to send you our newsletter and to provide you with regular updates on our products and services.

We also collect information, such as your email addresses, through our website when you make comments, give feedback, or communicate with us. This is because there is a great chance we will be responding to your questions, concerns, feedback, or comment through your email to ensure that you will be able to receive it in a timely manner.

Our site uses cookies, or small text files stored in your browser, and other techniques, such as the use of web beacons, which follow your movements on our website, to collect information to help us understand how you use our site and our online products and services, to help us make them more relevant to you and your needs.

We may use a persistent cookie, which stays linked to your browser, to record your visits. This allows us to recognise you whenever you visit our website and helps us keep track of the products and services you view so that, if you allow us, we can send you updates regarding those.

Cookies are also used by our site for analytics purposes, such as measuring traffic patterns and transaction patterns in the aggregate. This information helps us make our site more helpful and more informative for our users. If you wish, you can set your browser to have your computer refuse cookies or alert you each time a website tries to set a cookie.

We may also log IP addresses for similar purposes, as well as to administer the website and to gather and analyse demographic information.

We may also collect personal information about you from third parties, such as publicly available sources, or your representative, which may include your assistant or colleague, and adult relative, or anyone who may contact us in your stead.

How do you store our personal information?

The information that you provide The Laptop & Monitor Hospital is stored electronically and secured in our database and other information systems.

I don’t really want you to know who I am. Do I have the option to stay anonymous?

Wherever and whenever possible, we will allow you to interact with us anonymously or using a pseudonym for general concerns or enquiries coursed through our customer service team, or if you are simply leaving a general feedback that does not require us to get back to you with a response or a follow-up service.

Most of our services, however, require your name and contact information, as well as adequate information about the service you want us to render, to allow us to handle your enquiry, request, complaint, or concern to be handled as efficiently and as fairly as we can.

So what happens if I don’t provide you with my information?

Without relevant personal information, we may not be able to properly render the services you hired us to, administer your account, verify your identity, or inform you about products and services that might be useful to you. Please keep in mind that if we receive personal information from you, we will make sure to notify you of the means and the reason for collecting your information, who we may share it with, and how you can access it to make a correction or file a complaint.

Who will you disclose my information to?

We value your privacy, which is why we will take great care to ensure that your personal information is protected and will not be disclosed to other parties, except for the service providers involved in your transaction.

We do not disclose your personal information to any entity or organisation overseas.

Which service providers have access to my information?

The Laptop & Monitor Hospital engages with service providers to whom we will disclose your information so we can provide our services efficiently to you. These include those who host our website servers, our IT management team, as well as the third party specialists who conduct repair services for our customers.

How do you ensure the quality of the information I provide you with?

We may take several measures, where practicable and relevant, to ensure that the personal information that we collect and you provide us with is accurate, updated, and complete. These measures include recording information in a consistent format, adding updated or new personal information to existing records, and verifying our contact lists to check for accuracy.
We understand that the accuracy of your information depends on what you provide us. Please let us know when your information changes so the information stored in our database is updated and always accurate.

How do you secure my personal information?

We value your security, which is why we take all necessary steps to ensure that it is protected from misuse, loss, or interference, as well as from unauthorised access, modification, or disclosure to irrelevant parties.

To secure your information, we require utmost confidentiality among our employees and apply security measures for access to our system, including keeping a record of when anyone from The Laptop & Monitor Hospital modifies any of the information stored in our database. Our system also has electronic security measures, such as firewalls and data encryption. We will always let you know that you have all the rights to opt out from receiving marketing offers or emails from us and we will make sure to provide you with the necessary steps to do so.

How do I access or modify my information?

You have every right to request access to personal information that we may have of you, as well as request modifications whenever and wherever necessary. To do this, you may contact us and we will respond to you within 30 days. We will ask you to verify your identity before you get access to your information or modify it through a simple process. Should we refuse to give you access to, or correct your information, we will notify you in writing with the reasons.

Should we correct your information and disclose the information to others, you are entitled to ask us to inform them of the correction. The Laptop & Monitor Hospital is required to do so, unless there is a valid reason not to.

Finally, if we refuse to correct your personal information, you can request us to associate with a statement that you believe the information is inaccurate, and why.

How do I make an enquiry or complaint?

You may contact us by filling out the form on our Contact Us page, or by calling our 24/7 hotline, 1-800-908-441.