All those wires at the back of your computers are not only unattractive but also dangerous. Faulty wiring can be a cause of many disasters including fire.

We certainly understand if wireless and computer networking are not very clear to you yet, as knowing them is our job. Don’t worry – The Laptop & Monitor Hospital is dedicated to assisting you not just in understanding wireless and computer networking in Sydney; we also promote them because we believe that they are safer and more convenient to our clients.

What wireless and computer networking is

There are different ways to connect computers to one another, and you may have even tried a few with your phones or other gadgets. One of the methods you may have already tried is using the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to connect to networks. This is the same as using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to connect two or more separate computers and create a network between all of them.

Why consider wireless and computer networking

The biggest advantage to creating a wireless computer network in your home or office is the ability to smoothly share files between your computers that are distant from each other.

Imagine creating a file in one part of your house, saving it, and then having it made available in all of your other computers! Let’s say you want to share a funny video that you just made. Saving it through the wireless network can instantly let you show it to everyone else in the house.

Be cable-free starting today

Now that you understand what wireless and computer networking is and you have decided that you want to have it in your house or office, you don’t have to look any further to find someone to do it for you, nor do you have to spend so much time trying to puzzle out how to do it yourself.

Leave it to us to create a wireless network for you that also follow all of your requirements. One call to us and you can have all of your computers connected without the unsightly cables running all over your walls and floors.
We will even explain to you your options, including:

  • Wireless Pan
  • Wireless LAN
  • Fixed wireless data
  • Wireless MAN
  • Wireless WAN

Give The Laptop & Monitor Hospital a call for all your questions about wireless networking and computer repairs. We are happy to respond to your queries and suggest your best options for your home or business in Sydney metropolitan and CBD!