Collaroy Plateau is a suburb of northern Sydney. Located 22 kilometers off the north east part of Sydney’s CBD, it has some of the best views on the Northern Beaches. Parts of it overlook Collaroy Beach, Long Reef Beach, Narrabeen Beach, and Narrabeen Lagoon. Because of this, its residents enjoy an environment that is quite at one with nature. Adding the fact that it is relatively far from the city, Collaroy Plateau truly is a refuge for its residents.

However, this same fact can be an inconvenience. Because of its distance from the city, it may be difficult to find accessible services for certain needs. For instance, what if your computer suddenly malfunctions in the middle of the night, while working on an important project? Indeed, having to wait for the morning to drive to an outside repair center can be taxing.

24/7 home and business computer repairs in Collaroy Plateau

If you find yourself in a situation like this, worry not! Know that there is a company that will provide computer and laptop repairs wherever you are and no matter what time it is. Computer Repairs Network is the company of choice for all your computer-related concerns. You’re only one phone call away from a highly-skilled professional who is always ready to attend to your needs.

Computer Repairs Network understands that computers are so integrated into your daily life that it’s really difficult to function without them. Because you use it for both personal and work-related concerns, we always make it a point to provide fast and reliable service. In addition, you can be assured that all of your concerns will be heard with attentive ears. This is because we believe that taking time to listen and maintaining a close relationship with our clients always produce the best results.

We also offer other computer-related services

Because we want your computers to always operate in tip-top shape while in Collaroy Plateau, we also offer the following services to improve your computing experience:

  • data recovery
  • virus removal
  • malware removal
  • remote support
  • laptop screen replacement

Call us at (02) 9644 4100 or send an email  for quick and reliable computer services — right in Collaroy Plateau

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